I want to create the parenting plan for my child/children.

The parenting plan is a document in which parents decide how to regulate all the rights and responsibilities related to their children.

I fell down on the street and I want to claim for damages

If you've had an accident and want to make a claim for damages, we can assist you in ensuring that your insurance company covers this claim.

I need to make a will

Do you have to make your will and you don't really know how? You are in the right place.

I would like to move abroad with my children, but my ex-partner does not want to

Moving abroad when you have children can be challenging, but if you don't want to be separated from them, at Márquez Legal we can help you achieve your goal.

My neighbor wants to take part of my land/plot

It's a more common problem than you might think. Give us a call and tell us about your situation.

My ex-partner wants to have custody of our child/children

Contact us to receive guidance on how to fight for custody of your children.

I have an issue with a neighbor in the community

Put an end to community issues with any of your neighbors once and for all. Contact us.

I want to buy a house and I need advice

Buying a house is a complex and costly process. Therefore, it's a difficult decision to make. We provide you with guidance.

I have had a traffic accident and I do not have insurance

If this is your case, don't worry, we have solutions for everything. Contact us.

I want advice on how to distribute an inheritance.

At Márquez Legal, we understand that the distribution of an inheritance can be a very complex situation, but we provide you with advice on how to handle it.

I have dampness in my home, and the community/neighbor refuses to repair it

Dampness can cause significant complications that need to be resolved as soon as possible. We assist you in reaching an agreement with the neighbor with whom you share this problem.

I need a lawyer to make a rental contract for me

Is this your case? At Márquez Legal Lawyers we take care of all the management.

I am a co-owner of a home and the other owner does not let me enjoy the home.

Debemos llegar a un acuerdo igualitario para ambos. Te asesoramos en cómo hacerlo.

I have a squatter in my home, and I want them to leave.

Home occupation has become an all-too-common practice in recent years. Contact us to help you with this problem, we can offer different solutions.

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