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We are a law firm with over 40 years of experience, specialized in Civil Law, Family Law, Divorces, Evictions, Inheritances, Homeowners Associations, Common-law Partnerships, Contracts, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Real Estate Transactions, and Traffic Accidents among other areas.

Our Objetive

At Márquez Legal Lawyers we want to help you

Our goal as professionals is to provide clients with comprehensive legal advice, defend their interests, and earn their trust in our experience, knowledge, and dedication to resolving their issues.

What do we focus on?

We have a team of legal professionals who are experts in their respective areas of law and share the same mission: to assist you. To achieve this, we focus on:

Client comes first

What our client wants to achieve.

Passion for what we do

This is our main value

Trust from our team

We want the client to feel supported.

Expert team

Team of professional lawyers and experts in their area.

Meet our team

Antonio Márquez Zumaquero


María Márquez Palacios


Esperanza Rita Martín

Department of Secretaryship, Administration, and Accounting

Antonio Márquez Palacios

Collaborating architect

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